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Peppercorn #2: Twitter

No, it’s not just for celebrities. Nor is it just a place for rants or people with too much time. At least, that was my initial understanding of it, until I really dived into what Twitter was all about.

Twitter is all about very current trending topics. It’s about what is going on right NOW. No…now…wait, NOW…..no…NOW! What’s popular or newsworthy seems to change just that fast. A lot of what you will read will seem like incoherent gibberish, so choose who you follow carefully.

If you are a professional,  (PR professionals and other executives especially,) you are going to want to find people in your field. See what they are saying, read the links they attach, and start to retweet the ones you like. You’ll eventually start saying your own things and sharing your own links.

Top 10 Twitter Trends - Courtesy of Mashable.com

Mashable.com produces a weekly chart of Twitter’s trending topics. They have a way of measuring what the millions of people are tweeting about, and rank the top 10.

Last week, for example, the top 10 stories included the movies “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and “Inception”, as well as Brazilian politics, soccer, and Justin Bieber. These change from week to week, but you will see that some topics are consistently popular.

So, for you to successfully use Twitter, follow those in your field, journalists who report on topics you want to hear about, and other opinion leaders relevant to your line of interest. Follow them, and many will follow you back, creating a relationship between you two.


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