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PR and Comic Strips

I learned something new this last week: an entirely new tactic for businesses to communicate with their audience. I’ve never thought of doing this, and see it as quite brilliant!

While some believe print newspapers are going out of fashion as media practices concentrate more on technology, the comics are still widely popular. On some days, “the funnies” may be all you read in the paper. But popular comic strips are catching on to the Internet wave and are now making their funnies available online.

Take the popular comic strip, “Dilbert.” According to some research, there are 150 million Dilbert readers in 49 countries! Dilbert.com receives more than 16 million page views and nearly 400,000 people subscribe to receive daily Dilbert comics in their inbox.

Think of the advantages, there. The company I work for has partnered with Dilbert this last week to produce a few comic strips that are relevant to one of our products. What a unique and fun way to get messages across to an audience. Which comic strip is your favorite?

Dilbert –  Published August 15, 2010



2 Responses

  1. Comic strips really are attention-grabbers and can make for excellent PR opps provided they don’t over-sell the product and are relevant to the audience. As with any form of PR, proper targeting is key.

    • You’re absolutely right. And I love discovering new forms of messaging. If you have favorites, let me know!

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