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Peppercorn #3: LinkedIn

Things are changing out there, even with the way you network with colleagues and find jobs with contacts. Have you ever wanted to bring employers to you, instead of having to track down employers? Have you ever wanted to deal with people when applying for job, instead of automated responses that come from nowhere? Or have you ever remembered somebody that worked at a place you are now interested in, but can’t remember who it was? Enter LinkedIn.

Personally, you will be able to put everything professional about yourself on your profile. Don’t be shy or think you’re bragging either, because when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s all about making your work and education history shine. You’ll find and connect – kind of like becoming someone’s “friend” on LinkedIn – with people you know, connecting you to a whole multitude of pros.

For businesses, PR managers and specialists can create groups, (they most often go by the company name,) where people who have worked or are currently working can stay in the know about job openings or updates. With groups, you can also start discussions. If the questions are right, you can gather good opinions from those inside and out of your company.

There are already over 60 million LinkedIn users. I find that many of them are in communications/journalism/advertising/PR/politics and the like. So get connected!


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