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Pepper Mill #1: Public Relations

Let’s discuss the umbrella term “public relations.” What comes to mind? Do you picture a sneaky businessman crossing out phrases on documents with a big smile on his face? Or do you see an overly enthusiastic woman giving a speech to reporters while dodging questions or re-wording stories to her advantage?

These are common misconceptions.  Those stereotypes often get used in movies and in passive conversations. But really, what do public relations professionals do?

Public relations practitioners build relationships with important people that influence your business. Take a look at the picture to the right. PR specialists and managers do whatever is in their power to promote their products and the good name of the company to their associates. By building these relationships, they build trust in the company. And when that trust grows, those associates in turn promote your business to consumers who will raise profits.

Imagine your relationships with the people you know: family, friends, co-workers. How you associate with each one is different. They are treated differently, and benefits of each relationship is different. Ultimately, they gain trust in you, which can have many advantages.

We’ll get into specific trends and ideas as these Pepper Mills are introduced, but one thing encompasses them all: public relations is the art of building business relationships. What does public relations mean to you?


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