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Peppercorn #4: YouTube

YouTube is the most powerful video search in the world. Millions of videos have been uploaded to the site, and users can find them easily. The site tracks how many times videos have been watched, allow for ratings and comments, and even makes suggestions for you as you browse.

I wondered recently what video has been watched the most – of all time. Go ahead and take a wild guess. When you are ready to find out, check out the top 10 YouTube videos ever at this site.

Paul, Kevin and Winnie on "The Wonder Years"

When I think of YouTube, I remember a scene from the old television comedy, “The Wonder Years.” In fact, it’s the only distinct scene I can remember. In it, Kevin wants to ask Winnie to an upcoming school dance. He wants badly to go with her, but thinks she will already be taken or if not, that she’ll refuse. One day, Kevin and his best friend Paul are seated at the end of a very long table in a crowded cafeteria. He struggles at first saying anything until he finally divulges his intentions to his friend while eating lunch. Then, without Kevin knowing, Paul shares the scoop with his friend next to him, who shares it with the next person, who shares it across the table, until it goes allllll the way to other end of a long line of classmates. Kevin notices and immediately worries that his secret is out. He’s in awe as he says  “the rumor ripple unfolded before my eyes!”

YouTube is kind of like a rumor ripple. It gets passed and shared, everyone has their own opinion and the clip gets passed and shared again. It gets posted here, attached there, linked everywhere. And no matter how hard you try, you will always get good, bad, and even ugly comments. That’s just the nature of the beast. So when you put something on YouTube, make sure it’s worth sharing.


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