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Kanye and Taylor: Not a Love Story (Makes for a Good PR One, Though)

I am sure you remember the most talked about story from MTV’s Video Music Awards from last year, don’t you? It was quite a controversial episode. I mean, it is MTV after all. Kanye took down Taylor Swift’s big moment as she won “Best Female Video” by claiming that Beyonce actually had a better video, “the best video of all time.” Taylor, obviously, becomes upset and leaves the stage. Watch the video here, if you like:

Kanye later issued an apology and Taylor has accepted, but there seems to still be some tension there or at least some joking around. Kanye talked about it on “The Tonight Show”, Taylor sang about it on “Saturday Night Live”, and last night, at the 2010 VMAs, Taylor debuted a new song with these lyrics:

“I guess you really did it this time. Left yourself in your war path. Lost your balance on a tightrope. Lost your mind trying to get it back.” She later sings, “Everyone one of us has messed up too. It’s all right, just wait and see. Your string of lights is still bright to me. You’re still an innocent.”

So what is all this doing for their PR? Personally, for Taylor: it’s up. She is the innocent victim, her fans rally behind her, and she forgives him – creating a great image. For Kanye: neutral. Most people dissed him, which is bad. But admittedly, he may have gotten exactly what he wanted – the bad boy image. And for MTV publicity – up. They are always causing dramatic sensations that make them popular in the first place. With last night’s VMAs, this is becoming  one long story that is still getting attention for both the celebrities and the network. They must certainly enjoy being the host of it all.


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