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Pepper Mill #2: Analyst Relations

I’ll make this Pepper Mill about analyst relations. It’s a field I have my feet in right now. Analyst relations deals with the positive relationships built between a company and industry research analysts. These analyst firms produce valuable research on current trends as well as forecast what these trends will experience in the near future. They produce helpful analysis on the market and indicate which companies are leaders.

I currently work in high tech PR. The analyst relations team here works to interact with these analysts, cooperate with them when they need data, educate them on the company vision and strategy, and meet together to answer questions. In turn, analysts use the data to form quantitative and qualitative research. Their reports are authoritative. Competitors use and site their reports and statistics to their advantage.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant

For example, Gartner is a very successful analyst firm. They produce a report called “Magic Quadrants” that rank leaders in specific areas. They way they are ranked determines if they are leaders, visionaries, challengers, or niche players. Companies want to strive to fall to the upper right corner of this graph to the right.

Keeping good with analysts is vital. Without an established relationship with them, companies lose out and go without consideration of being a market player. Now what company would want that? Relationships with them can be supported by holding briefings, calling them with updates, interacting with their tweets and blogs, and being the go-to for all their research needs regarding your organization. More information on analysts can be found on sites like www.sagecircle.com.


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