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Pepper Mill #3: Community Relations

Community relations is all about being neighborly. Companies can gain a friendly relationship with locals if they interact and serve their neighbors well. Over time, these interactions build trust between the two which can ultimately benefit both. Pretty cool, huh?

Unfortunately, it’s up to the company to start flirting. Attractive things you could do, as a community relations manager, is to issue coupons in mailouts, organize community service projects, raise money for charitable organizations in the local area, support political issues (there are pros and cons for this one), and provide jobs for residents. In turn, the local community will feel more persuaded in dealing with your business and your product, which will provide your company with loyal and happy customers. Maybe you’re thinking, “What, that’s all I get?” To which I respond: it’s all you ever really wanted anyway, isn’t it?

I think of all forms of public relations, the emphasis of community relations is really where PR pros can shine. They can honestly make a positive difference for their neighbors, all the while increasing the good name of the company. What good ideas would you have to improve community relations?


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