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Disaster PR Planning

I give much kudos to PR pros who find themselves in extremely sticky situations. Those are tough times. It’s my belief that every company will have to work through a public relations crisis at some time or another, and most of them come as surprises. They are mostly unprepared, and even the most composed PR practitioners go into a frenzy.

When a crisis occurs, there is so much going on behind the scenes that the general public doesn’t see. I am sure PR teams throw out all kinds of ideas on the table on how to best fix their faltering image or dimming reputation before deciding which ones are good. But I bet most are bad.

Let’s take a look at BP and the oil spill . Now that the worst oil disaster in US history is over, we can look back and evaluate their actions. Sadly, much of it is laughable. I’ll admit, they found themselves in a very difficult situation to begin with, but their seemingly slow response and the incident itself will be had for jokes for years to come. I guess I can’t take it too hard on them, though. When you’re having a crisis, you begin to panic and who knows what kind of vain ideas you’ll come up with.

This short video is a BP commercial spoof. It’s not so funny as it is an illustration on how PR pros could “spin” the message and make a negative thing a positive one.


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