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Pepper Mill #4: Fan Relations

Johnny Depp cares for people. Jack Sparrow does not. 🙂

Just last week, dozens of young kiddos were beyond surprised when, during their elementary school assembly, in walked Captain Jack Sparrow. No, really, it was him!

Nine-year-old Beatrice Delap had written to Johnny Depp’s character, who was currently based in England to film the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  She wrote, “Captain Jack Sparrow –  At Meridian primary school, we are a bunch of budding young pirates and we were having a bit of trouble mutinying against the teachers and we’d love if you could come and help.”

And so he did. Fully decked out as Capt. Sparrow, Depp and a few other swashbucklers entered into the small assembly hall where screaming kids greeted him. The young girl got a hug from the pirate and Sparrow and his crew put on a skit for them. He encouraged them not to mutiny because there were cops just outside; but instead encouraged them to enjoy simple things like eating candy. A day to remember for those kids, I am sure. I’m a bit jealous, actually.

But what a move, right? This example perfectly illustrates how to strengthen relationships between a celebrity and the fans. What Depp accomplished was done very tastefully, and he didn’t seek media attention. He just did it for the kids. (And got lots of media attention because of it!) That right there is the best kind of image a celebrity can create for him or herself. It’s genuine, sincere, and fun. One writer comments, that Johnny Depp “is a proper, gold-plated, limited-edition dude.” (Eva Wiseman, here.) How’s that for PR?


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