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Speaking and Writing Boldly

I recently came across a video that has opened my eyes as to how I communicate with others on a daily basis. It emphasizes how the current generation uses language to – sadly – their disadvantage. Check this out:

Now I KNOW I am guilty of tacking on “ya know?” at the end of my sentences in conversations, ya know? I guess I never realized that it is an effort to find agreement with “the receiver.” We all too often base our convictions and opinions on the perceived acceptance of it by others, when it should not be so.

Now, I don’t think that means we can go offending and blabbing about like we know everything. Unfortunately, I think that’s the cause of poor speech – people don’t think things through. Thoughts should instead be well-thought and then boldly stated. I think that has more of an influence on people than sublting trying to lift them up to agreement with your opinion. If it is logical, researched, and considerate, I say stand by your opinion and make it sound like it. No questions, no “seeking agreement”, no bologna. Then we would have efficient communicators.


2 Responses

  1. I liked that video. It was funny, but also very true. I need to work on this….. a lot. Bad habits are hard to break, but I completely agree with him.

    • I know, right? <— that was an example! I need to work on it, too. It just slips into language so easily! Thanks for your comment, Tracy!

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