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All Eyes on You for Halloween

Making publicity plans around holidays has got to be a staple for PR and marketing professionals. Everyone loves a holiday, so it would be best to associate your brand with themes and feelings that people already love. The more unique the tactic you present to the situation, the better. And because Halloween is all about having fun, it’s easy.

On the most candy-glorified day of the year, what would a dentist do? An example I’ve seen is from a dental practice in Santa Barbara, CA called Johnson Family Dental. They are holding an event where kids can trade in their Halloween candy for money. It was the first time I’ve heard of the idea – and the idea is brilliant. Why? Because the message all dentists would want to convey is dental hygiene.  If they hold this idea to the max, they might give you a toothbrush when you knock on their door. (Sad time for kids, I’m sure.)

Happy Halloween!

Events like these bring people through thier doors as kids, maybe with a push from parents, come inside to trade a pound of candy for a two dollars. Johnson Family Dental will then send the money to troops overseas through Operation Gratitude. Doesn’t get much better than that. This kind of event, one in which everyone benefits, results in a win-win-win situation. It might take more thought, but that’s what good PR requires.


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