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PR Patties

I came across yet another peppery example of public relations today.

The scene: Bustling Tokyo.

The background: There are a lot of people in a small area. They all eat rice daily.

The problem: Too many business buildings, not enough farmland for rice to sustain everyone. People get mad at businesses for taking land, and businessmen start to sweat.

The solution: Simple! Put a rice paddy in your office building!

The outcome: The company produces the rice on their own dime. Neighbors are happy their environment isn’t entirely wasted due to big business.

My take: I think it’s great. Not only does it appear to ease tensions over food production and land management, but it helps those well-dressed white collars to get down-to-earth. While some might think they do it in vain, I think it helps concerned citizens understand that they are trying their best. I’ve read  a lot of jokes about undertaking this particular program here (like, do they serve the rice in their own cafeteria, too?) but I think their efforts are worthwhile and may increase moral among employees. What do you think?


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