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Messing Up….Live!

Let this be a lesson in preparation.

There are a lot of ways individuals can mess up. Too many to count, really. But when the error is recorded on a live show, that can seriously make the situation worse. There have been stories of political candidates leaving their microphones on backstage expressing personal opinions, obvious lip-syncs by musicians, word slips by newscasters, and many other blunders never to be let down by the relentless sharing powers of the internet.

Some are harder to overcome than others. Take this clip for example: Mike Myers and Kanye West are presenting the need to donate to New Orleans victims after Hurricane Katrina when – as is characteristic of him – Kanye makes a personal outburst.

Did you see Myers’ and Chris Tucker’s face after he said that?! Poor guys got stuck in an awkward situation. Now, Kanye is well known for these antics today, but he received a bit of backlash from his obviously racial attack.  In these situations, time doesn’t immediately allow for you to cover up the error right away and may take a lot of time to work out backlash criticism. A part of me thinks Kanye likes that kind of attention, but it was clearly not a messaging point desired by the relief fund. Good thing for them other stars took the stage in later efforts and restored a bit of peace.

Here’s another example I came across just the other day. It’s in Spanish, but I think you’ll understand perfectly what happens as the hosts try to demonstrate how their product is “unbreakable.”

I love how sure of themselves they are right before it breaks (notice the female host’s sassy attitude.) I also love how the male host tries to redirect attention after happens. Unfortunately, it’s too late!

It’s all in preparation. If you’re going live, do you your research, prepare for the worst, and do your best.


2 Responses

  1. wow… just wow.

    • My thoughts exactly!

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