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Pepper Mill #5: Political Relations

You might just call this politics in general…because when you have to get votes to secure your job, you’ll do just about anything to make people happy.

Politicians have campaign managers, media relations managers, speech-writers, and event planners to ensure they are engaging with the public correctly. Depending on the gravity of the position, this crew may range from one individual covering all duties, or a whole squadron of pros working together. The end result is the same: make that politician connect with his audience in a pleasing way.

Last night was the beginning of Hanukkah, and to get things underway, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger paid his respects to the Jewish faith with a celebration at the state capitol. He passed presents to children, helped to light a giant menorah, gave a speech and- the best part- danced with rabbis in the traditional Jewish style. From the looks of it, it is probably his first time.


I’m not sure if Arnold is Jewish, but I don’t think he is. All the more reason to give him credit (or the political communications managers behind him) for participating in the event.

Happy Chanukah!


6 Responses

  1. Chanukah or Hanukkah?

  2. From what I could tell, the two are pretty much the same. So I just used them both!

    • Check out Phras.In

      One is definitely more popular.

      • You’re right, no doubt it’s more popular. But the context is that there’s been a recent change on how it should be spelled.


  3. That is cool… I wish people would make that sort of effort into our church.

    • I agree! I think all religions should be supported and encouraged too.

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