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Facebook: The World Within

I’ve recently become fascinated with what the future of Facebook means for social and business relationships. Of course, it has been fascinating ever since it started, but a look at recent trends makes me wonder where it will take us socially and professionally.

Mashable.com has released a couple articles on this, but I would like to compile them together for this entry. First, let’s look at where Facebook stood as a social media provider in June 2009:

Facebook Dominance in June 2009

According to the chart above, Facebook is the coverage leader with most countries using it as opposed to other networks. The countries that do not primarily use Facebook use a variety of other platforms – some I can’t pronounce. Now lets look at it currently:

Facebook Dominance as of December 2010

Facebook Dominance as of December 2010

Not only does Facebook proceed to take over South America and Western Asia, but the actual number of platforms even competing are down from 17 to 11. It’s like the game of “RISK”.

But let’s go deeper.

What does Facebook’s widespread use have to do with relationships? Well, the idea was once called making a “global village,” meaning that distant people and groups could still communicate personally and effectively, breaking any barriers distance would normally cause. See this image below for an idea on how Facebook makes this happen:

Facebook Connects the World

Facebook Connects the World

So with Facebook’s complete social media dominance imminent, I’d like to take a couple stabs at what this means, along with some other things I wonder might happen:

1. As the internet grows and becomes more easily accessible, more people around the world will get on Facebook, opening up social interactions with Northern South America, Africa, and Northern Asia.

2. Brazil will soon be Facebook-dominant while Russia and Japan might be with time. China, on the other hand, might take longer.

3. Data used from Facebook will be continue to be used in social studies and used by businesses for making critical marketing decisions.

4. I wonder if one day there will be a Facebook “President.” No, I’m not talking about Zuckerberg. I’m thinking of an elected body of officials, voted through Facebook to represent the voice of the people on Facebook. They would act as leaders in standing up for the opinion of the masses on Facebook topics and take it up with corporate. (For example, “Nobody wants the new profile, go back!” or “The people are concerned that a variety of their friends are not showing on the News Feed, please fix this issue.”) It would make for very interesting campaigning as petitions could be filled and people could run for elected seats all throughout the world.

5. Facebook will likely be attacked by more hackers and spam hosts, as well as dissenters against Facebook all together, who refuse to join.

6. More books will be written on etiquette, personal relationship management, and business integration, all on Facebook.

7. Finally, many many years from now, a revolution will occur. A new social media platform will begin, and what will start as a few will end up in a mass migration to the new platform just for something different.

I wonder if any of these will be true. How do you see the future of Facebook?


2 Responses

  1. Wow… how interesting

  2. […] Just to prove it, here’s the link: “Facebook: The World Within” […]

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