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Countries as Brands

Sorry for my short break from blogging! I have been busy learning new things about international public relations at the University of Sydney. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Strategic Public Relations. Having moved with my family across the planet, we have been well-occupied with things to do!

In one of  my courses of study, we read about how countries, in marketing themselves to tourists, will brand themselves with certain qualities to increase their prominence and individuality on the global platform.

Australia has this down right. When you think of the land “Down Under”, what comes to mind? Adventure…sun…surfers…nature and wildlife…masculinity…rough but happy people? Well if you thought those things, you are spot on! They have brought these images to the world through marketing campaigns, YouTube and other social media, and as you may remember, through Oprah. She recently took her studio audience for a week touring Australia. (Talk about a promo!)

Sit back and take in the Aussie spirit with this video, here:

What is the American brand? What are other countries brands? Do we buy into them when we go vacationing?


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