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My Prezime

I recently discovered and fell in love with prezi.com. It’s an innovative online tool for creating presentations that allows you to zoom around frames and pictures instead of tediously clicking slide after slide.

Taking advantage of this, I created my first visual resume! It literally follows my path in public relations in what I hope is a creative way to show a future employer what makes me the best candidate for the job. Take a look.

+ Hi. I’m Todd. Resume 2.0

I would have liked to embed the link, but the Web site is still working out a few features, like making Prezi compatible with WordPress. Anyway, thanks for checking it out!


2 Responses

  1. Hey that is cool. Slides are lame. This is a good thing for sure!

    Hopefully professors will start to use something like this instead of powerpoint.

    They could still misuse this tool though by writing out all talking points in bullet form and reading the screen.

    • Glad you liked, it, Jeff. I really like the visual effects, too. I agree with you that it could be used more in the classroom, but I have also seen a few student presentations that have gone terribly with using Prezi – no cohesiveness, no meaning…just zooming to and fro. It was quite distracting. Like other media, I guess, it must be used wisely.

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