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Welcome to my blog. I’m Todd Holbrook.  For many years, I’ve loved the field of public relations and participating in what social media introduces to the field. This blog is meant for those interested in public relations practices and the influence of social media in business.

I thought perhaps the best way to approach this blog would be very much the same way as pepper is brought to your favorite meal: a few shakes is all it takes to bring a bland dinner to life. In a sense, the ideas and jobs of social media innovators and public relations pros are the pepper to an otherwise average business world.

Certainly, there are many blogs out there hitting on the same topics I will: social media practice, PR techniques, useful web tactics and interesting bits on advancing technology – all in the name of bringing the businessman and the common onlooker together. But I hope to present various bits of wisdom about about the expansive (and sometimes misunderstood) media world we live in, and *crossing my fingers* perhaps this blog will teach you a thing or two you didn’t know before.

I thought I’d be clever and come up with a pseudonym, “The Pepper Shaker.” I explain why I chose it in my first post. You will also find me as The Pepper Shaker across the web. I’m always looking for fellow shakers in the PR industry.

Feel free to get in touch:

Email: mr.peppershaker@gmail.com

Twitter: pepper__shaker

View Todd Holbrook's profile on LinkedIn

With that, let’s get shakin’.


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