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Peppercorn #6: Google +

In my daily life, my thoughts hardly seem prophetic. But I got to hand it to myself…I think I got something right. On my post about the future of Facebook on December 15, 2010, I made the following conclusion:

“Finally, many many years from now, a revolution will occur. A new social media platform will begin, and what will start as a few will end up in a mass migration to the new platform just for something different.”

Just to prove it, here’s the link: “Facebook: The World Within”

Two weeks ago, Google released a trial version of Google +, basically it’s own social media platform. It presents itself a bit different than Facebook, though, and these differences will either be loved or hated.

1. The first difference is the idea that Facebook feels like a giant party where your posts are proclaimed to everyone in the room. Google+, on the other hand, feels more like a dinner party. You share your comments only within the circles that you desire. You can place people in any number of circles to make sure you get the word out to right people.

2. Google+ is interoperable across many other Google related tools, including Gmail, Blogger, Wave, and Picasa. It’s pretty neat to see how they all work together.

3. It’s new, and it is fairly clean and nice to look at. No ads (yet), no extra frills, no Farmville or any other thing to confuse you. It’s straight and to the point. The layout and pictures are crisp and work well together.

4. It’s fun to start over. There’s just something refreshing about it.


Does this mean Facebook is doomed? I doubt it. I think that most people, especially older folks, will stay put on Facebook. Younger users will continue to check their friends’ statuses and post albums. It would take a lot more and many years to bring over 500 million people from Facebook over to Google+. I don’t see it happening very quickly. In the meantime, Google+ will be used by early adopting social media lovers and techies who get excited about this kind of thing. Are you one of them?


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