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TNT’s Emotion Explosion

The tell-tale signs of great public relations activities are shown when companies have the ability to connect with their audiences. Keeping true to what good PR is all about – sincere interactions with audiences that really deliver it’s brand promise – TNT has really come through recently.

The first video below produced for the Turner Network Television (TNT) is apparently to promote the release of its network in a small town in Belgium. Clearly, though, it’s promotion expands much further than just that one geographical area. Social media has enabled the network to take its message further; the message that no matter how simple and routine your life may be, TNT is going to be there to bring some drama into your life.

I thought that was an excellent example of letting audiences participate in what your brand is all about. Those innocent town people lived their lives simply until they found that button. The TV network hit the PR nail on the head by creating the dramatic emotion they desire their brand to represent.

Even when it comes to basketball – people young or old, from East or West – this other TNT commercial harps tenderly on even the toughest basketball lovers’ hearts.

Again, TNT created an emotion of which basketball fans are keen to dream about: the All-Star Greats from times past and today, playing together and competing in fantasy games. That love for basketball is what brings it home. Magic Johnson’s no-look pass to Kobe? Jordan fist-bumping with Derrick Rose? Only in your dreams…or TNT.

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